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MES Solutions is a management services organization which was originally established as Medical Evaluation Specialists, (MES) in 1978 to provide legal, insurance business and other entities direct access to multispecialty examiners/reviewers with expertise in conducting independent medical evaluations.

Over the last thirty-two years, MES grew to become the largest freestanding IME Company in the nation. This was accomplished by a focused drive to provide the best service and quality possible. MES is the first and only IME organization to apply for and earn URAC Core accreditation for Independent Medical Evaluation services.

In the last decade, clients began to inquire if we could assist them with their Peer Review, Disability Management and Federal Program needs. MES recognized that these services complemented independent medical evaluations our core business allowing us to stay true to our motto:

Focus on what you do best, and do it better than anyone.

With the addition of Peer Review, Disability Management and our Federal Programs division, MES has become more than a National IME organization; it is a Solutions company, providing Independent Medical Solutions to existing and prospective clients.

MES looks forward to assisting you in developing Solutions to address your claims resolution needs.

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