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MES has built a national physician and allied health provider network designed to furnish its clients with a quality opinion whenever they may need one, and in whatever medical discipline and whatever jurisdiction they require. The MES physician and allied health provider network is comprised of well-credentialed knowledgeable practitioners who are ready to respond to all your claims issues. Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality begins by affiliating with well-credentialed healthcare professionals and dovetails with our superior credentialing practices that continually provide the assurances our clients require.

Since its inception, the MES panel has been entirely created and maintained by our National Network Development Division, and as such there has never been a need to utilize a third party in an attempt to enhance or augment our network. To assist in the maintenance of our expansive network, MES developed proprietary software and a customized database to update and maintain physician profiles. Our clients can feel confident utilizing our network and relying on the credentialing information we primary-source verify.

Uniqueness in the Industry

  • MES employs twenty full-time individuals dedicated to the continued development of MESí National Evaluator Network
  • MESí Medical Director coordinates and oversees training of all evaluators
  • MES assures that all evaluators undergo credentials verification in compliance with applicable URAC standards
  • MES enrolls every evaluator in the NPDB and HIPDB Proactive Disclosure Service
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