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Independent Medical Evaluations, (IME)

MES Solutions,CORE Accredited by URAC for IME Services, has for over 32 years, provided IME Services on a nationwide basis. The MES Independent Medical Evaluators Network is comprised of qualified and experienced medical professionals who are prepared to provide expert opinions throughout the United States.MES has a proven track record working with TPA’s,Carriers and Risk Managers, collaborating with all parties to provide a product that meets their unique needs.

The MISSION OF MES IME is to provide:

TIMELY SERVICE, which is unparalleled.
QUALITY PHYSICIANS and the assurance that every physician and allied health professional in the MES IME Provider Network has the appropriate licensure and certifications.
QUALITY REPORTS by independent professionals who consistently express their medical opinions accurately, objectively and timely.
CONVENIENCE of a forum for scheduling multi-specialty medical evaluations, any required testing procedures, and a variety of unique ancillary services.
COMPETITIVE PRICE with an all inclusive fee which encompasses all administration and physician services associated with the referral.

MES Solutions Client Service Representatives are available at a local level to ensure exemplary service and to help facilitate any questions or needs that a client may have. They are the liaison with the MES office servicing their referrals


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