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MES Solutions has been selected as the Billing Dispute Resolution Reviewer as directed by the Love Settlement agreement. For ease of use, and to accommodate the varied preferences of Physicians and Physician Groups, MES offers three simple and easy ways to submit Billing Disputes for independent review. For provider convenience, simplified instructions for review submission have been provided within this tab. For more detailed discussion of various aspects of the referral requirements, as specified by the Love Settlement, providers can click on the Additional Information.

Submit Billing Dispute Resolution requests:
Providers can submit Billing Dispute Resolution requests via any of three ways:

On-line - via MES Solutions Billing Dispute Resolution web site (click on 'Continue' to begin). The simple to use MES on-line referral web-site provides the functionality to submit all information necessary to complete the Bill Dispute referral and to pay the accompanying filing fee electronically.
By Fax or Mail - Download the Billing Dispute Resolution Referral Form by clicking on the Billing Dispute Request Form. Fully fill out and submit the form, with appropriate supporting information, then fax or mail the referral to MES:

o Fax 1-888-868-2087
o Mail:

MES Solutions
Attn: BDRP Dept.
100 Morse St.
Norwood, MA 02062

Information needed:
In order to complete a full and fair review, MES will require the request form to be filled out in its entirety, with information for each member and each date of service in dispute:

Filing fee:
The Love settlement requires Physicians and Physician Groups to submit a filing fee with Bill Dispute referrals. Once MES obtains all information related to the bills under dispute, MES will calculate the filing fee due as directed by the Love Settlement. Filing fees may be submitted to MES Solutions via one of the following two methods depending on the Physicians or Physician Groups preference:

• Via MasterCard, Visa or Discover credit or debit cards directly on MES Solutions’ secure Bill Dispute Resolution web site.

• Via check. Physicians or Physician Groups may remit the filing fee to:

MES Solutions
Attn: BDRP Dept.
100 Morse St. Norwood,
MA 02062

MES Solutions must be in possession of the filing fee before review of the Billing Dispute will commence. In the event the Physician or Physician Group is the prevailing party with respect to the Billing Dispute under review, MES shall refund the entire filing fee paid by a Physician or Physician Group. For more information on the filing fee, providers can click on the Additional Information link above.